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Dr Emilija Jensen


Personal Branding Photography

As a Specialist Paediatric Dentist and educator, Dr Emilija Jensen needed more content as she steps into the online space and begins to build her personal brand.

Promoting her work online meant needing new headshots that provided a sense of her personality, while showing her professional side in a serious and impactful space.

Using her images across many platforms, for what is a new venture for her, Emilija was feeling a little nervous as she’s not usually in front of the camera! Over the course of our time together, she became super comfortable and having great banter meant getting organic, natural images that spoke to her friendly and approachable nature.

Dave took some amazing photos during my branding shoot. I did not have any set ideas of how the shoot would go and he really helped me to feel comfortable and curate some great photos. Dave made me laugh as he recommended ways to loosen up and create a more natural look compared to my usual static photo smile. The photos are beautifully edited and can be used for all my professional needs as headshots but also for social media. I would highly recommend Dave and will be returning for updated photos in the future.
Dr. Emilija Jensen

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